Connected agenda with rich interactions


The ‘Connecting Rich Interaction in Growing Systems' (CRIGS) squad is research and a vision-driven squad that tries to explore systems design (Fens & Funk, 2018). The squad aims to familiarize students with a new arena for design while engaging them by experimenting. During the project, we designed for organizing and synchronizing activities within and around the house. Within this scope, we looked at several interesting design challenges to solve. Finally, we focused on improving the process of planning together while being physically together.

Within the final concept, it is possible to create new appointments by yourself or with others. By stacking multiple agendas physically on top of each other, the timelines overlap and the users can plan an activity together. If the users cannot find a suitable moment, the agenda is able to suggest a moment.

To be able to validate the concept, a working prototype was made. The prototype contained basic functions of the concept. Where our first made prototype helped us exploring the possibilities, it only worked via the wizard of Oz technique. Our second prototype worked within a combination of the computer and the device to get a better understanding of the mechanics and the tangible interactions. This prototype, however, was made to work on its own and consisted of more functions, which we wanted to analyze with the use of sensors.

To get a better understanding of our concept a week of user-deployment study was held. The working prototypes stayed at a family and collected quantitative data about their activities for one week. Besides our products, other products of the CRIGS squad could join, so there could originate a collaboration between these involved products. After the interviews, we found several improvements and opportunities based on the combination of quantitative and qualitative data.


Concept development

User interaction design

Data design

Development hardware


User interface

Data collection

User deployment

Analyzing user experience

Analyzing user data

Final ideation - Connected agendas with rich interaction

Low-fi prototype

Low-fi prototype

Final concept - Connected agendas with rich interaction

Final prototype for user deployment research

Envisioned interaction Aiko

User deployment research - Envisioned interaction Aiko

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